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Building System​

Our log houses are available with trim and built exclusively of quality materials from reputable suppliers. The houses can be supplied from a kit to a finished house, depending on how much you want to participate in construction work

If you choose to build a log house, it is not only to build a new house. It is also to show that you have a deep love and respect to and for nature. A log house represents a more than 1000 years old tradition that many Danes have taken to heart because of beam house amazing properties. Scanwo have built many log-houses, in recent years and we are among the leaders in the field - hardly anyone know as much as we do. Although wooden houses built on old traditions, Scanwo log houses in a modern Danish design are based on new technology and craftsmanship. A log house has a more rustic look than a wooden house, and it radiates solid quality throughout.

Step by step​

Building materials​

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