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Step by step building system​

Step 1

When the foundations have been made, the external construction materials are delivered. It's time to start building.​

Step 2
Each piece of timber used in the house's exterior is numbered and finished from the factory. Like this all the house's different parts fit together perfectly. Comprehensive instructions make assembly quick and easy.

Step 3
In almost no time the extrior walls are put up as window and door openings are included in the factury design.

Step 4
When the exterior walls have reached their full height, the next step is to attach the trusses and the rest of the roof timbers.

Step 5
Now it's time to roof the house and put in the dorrs and windows. Once that's finished, the interior work can start. Floors need ti be laid, and walls, ceilings and interior walls must be finished before fittings can be installled. Your dream ofa Scandinavian log house has become a reality.

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