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Log houses

Our houses are designed in collaboration with Danish architects and meet today's requirements for style and functionality.

We take great pride in designing the perfect house for you in regards to layout and design. The result is beautiful architectural houses that form the perfect setting for family activities. Based on our modeling, we design and decorate the house especially to you - at no additional cost.


Top storey houses​

Holiday houses​

As future builders you can choose Scanwo log cabins and wooden houses. We have the expertise and experience to offer both house types and architectural style. But what exactly is the difference? Pure aesthetics! Inside, there is no distinction between log cabins and wooden houses. It is only on the outside you can tell the difference. In a log house beams lie on top of each other, forming the characteristic sharp corners of the cross bar ends. In a wooden house, the outer wall is closed with horisontal or vertical boards, which may be of different profiles. Whether it is a timber or a wooden house, there is no difference in the price nor the quality - everything is in fact made ​​in the Nordic heartwood.

It's simply about taste. And Scanwo gives you the freedom to choose.

All our houses are available as both log cabins and wooden houses. This is possible because we ourselves are responsible for everything - from the procurement of technical processing of the raw material to the construction of the house. Thus can we guarantee you high quality in every detail. We have our own studio with architects and building designers, and along with our housing consultants we ensure you an efficient decision making, quick answers to all your questions, and expert help to translate even your wildest home ideas into scaled and dimensioned drawings. Because that is what we do: Realise individual housing dreams, both in log cabins and wooden houses. We do not build standard houses, but only individually designed houses which suit your needs.

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