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Embracing simplicity, handiwork and natural materials, Scanwo's bungalows are the definition af coziness. A bungalow home focuses on its inhabitants, the way they live and the open floor plan encourages family interaction.. It is an efficient design that eliminates the concept of "wasted space" Bungalows are homes designed and built in harmony with each lot and the landscape that surrounds it. The looks and arrangement of storey houses have great variety and it is our goal to transform your family's dreams and needs into the perfect home. Ceilings may be horizontal or inclined and sloped ceilings with Velux skylights allow natural light to come through. You can supplement sloped ceilings with a loft in the direction of the bedrooms, so the sleeping area is moved away from the floor and the rooms thereby visually seem larger.

You build a bungalow, then you have the possibility to build a lifetime. Storey houses, all rooms on one floor, so the house can be used, even if with age is bad for bone. There are no stairs, preventing free movement.

The wood for our log cabins are spruce from southern Lapland in northern Scandinavia, specifically Vilhelmina. The trees grow very slowly and is first harvested when they have from 80 to 100 years old. Fir tree closed cell structure and the dense growth rings makes the wood extra resistance to moisture and fungus, and therefore helps to raise the quality significantly. The wood comes from sawmills, which emphasizes the FSC certification, and they are simultaneously environmentally certified to ISO 14001.

Log homes and wooden houses should be treated with wood for extra durability. The beams or clothing boards for the houses are on delivery vacumimprægneret from factory with a clear priming oil equivalent to a Gori 22 that protects against rot and fungus. During or immediately after construction of the tree house or beam house, all exterior woodwork treated with pigmented wood preservative or paint and shall thereafter be maintained, depending on weathering degradation and paint type chosen, typically after 2 to 6 years. With proper maintenance, you ensure that the tree house retains its beautiful structure for many years to come.

Characteristics of the wood provides natural insulation. This means that you are using significantly less energy for heating than a traditional brick. All of our wooden houses are built with energy efficient windows.

Our one-storey houses can be performed right after your wishes and dreams. We help you to design just the house, I want you in terms of layout and design, so the tree house, both functionally and architecturally.

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