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Log houses - common sense​

Wooden houses cover the whole family’s needs for the future, and create a healthy home for body and soul.

With our ‘self-build’ concept, getting the service and guidance you need is essential. That’s why we prioritise personal customer service at Scanwo. We set our standards high right from the first contact with the customer, until the house is built and ready to move in.

​We keep our promises, and will therefore rather turn a job down than promise something we can’t deliver.

At Scanwo, we combine the advantages of wood with high quality craftsmanship. That’s why when you buy a wooden house from Scanwo, you get a home that can fulfil all requirements for a healthy environment, quality and value for money.

Contact us if you have any questions about our houses or to request a colour brochure. If you would like one of our consultants to call, please contact us on the telephone number below. Or send us your questions on an e-mail with your address. We will respond immediately or send the material you request.​

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